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How to bounce back from an unwanted divorce

 By Cathy Meyer You’ve found yourself the recipient of an unwanted divorce. Your spouse may have just walked out, or left you for another man/other woman. There may have been a midlife crisis, and you didn’t figure into the “new life.” Whatever the reason, coping with an unwanted divorce can be very difficult. Many people […]

Divorce and alcoholism

Current research on why marriages fail finds a powerful link between alcoholism and divorce. Alison Clarke-Stewart, professor of psychology at the University of California – Irvine, and Cornelia Brentano, assistant professor of psychology at Chapman University, report in their book Divorce: Causes and Consequences (Yale University Press, 2006) on numerous studies that confirm “people who […]

Moment of silence for Dr. Bruce Fisher

Please join me in a moment of silence to honor Dr. Bruce Fisher, developer of the the Rebubilding When Your Relationship Ends divorce recovery method. He died ten years ago today on May 19, 1998

On-going lessons from a life well-lived

By Clay Evans Nearly 10 years after his death, Bruce Fisher is still teaching us. Through “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” the book, the educational program and the nonprofit organization of the same name, Fisher’s work in helping people walk through and cope with divorce, the end of a relationship or loss of any kind […]

Divorce and the unexpected reversal

By Robert Stone  You have just begun putting a new life together, having somehow gotten through the most painful experience of your life. The extreme feelings of hurt and anger and fear are subsiding. The emotional roller coaster has become tolerable. A day or two can now go by without thinking about him. You have […]

The pain and promise of divorce

by Robert Stone   As the divorce process unfolds, especially within the first several months, you will probably go through a series of emotional extremes. The divorce, as it tears apart the fabric of your marriage, will probably tear you up as well. You will be astounded by the intensity of raw pain that can sweep […]

Five things your divorced friend wants you to know

Don’t be jealous of her dating life–it may not as great as you think it is. Offer an ear and a night out–nothing is more frustrating than to hear friends who’d never been divorced say, “I know exactly how you feel.” Don’t throw a party–try instead to include her in group settings, but not individual […]

How will divorce affect my credit?

 By Brent Tucker When I got divorced, I never really thought about my credit scores. To that point, I had a perfect payment record, a mortgage, two car payments, a home improvement loan, and a couple of credit cards. Add in 3 kids and a dog, and it was kind of the all-American family. My […]

Marriage after divorce

Being divorced is difficult. Being divorced and lonely is almost unbearable. Is this the reason that so many divorced women are heading to the altar a second time only to end back up in the divorce courts? Often I hear, among divorced woman, is how badly they want to meet their next potential husband. Speed […]

Hurting after divorce?

If you’ve recently ended your love relationship, you’re likely hurting. If you’re not, you’ve either yet to feel the pain or have already begun to work through some of the difficult steps of rebuilding. Pain is nature’s way of telling us we need to heal. Dr. Bruce Fisher identified 19 steps to adjusting to the […]