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Divorce or stay Together – a monumental challenge for parents

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT   This is a tough and controversial subject. There are no right or wrong answers, nor are there any simplistic black and white solutions. I am sharing my own perspective, based on my own life experiences. I welcome you to contribute your own perspective as long as you are respectful of […]

Five costly mistakes that can sabotage a parent’s divorce settlement

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT When the emotional turmoil of divorce enters your life, it can be hard to focus on the crucial details revolving around financial issues. However, if you are not pro-active in covering your short and long-term financial needs, you can suffer the consequences for decades to come. Here are five mistakes to […]

What to tell your spouse before you tell the kids–about the divorce!

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT   Ever go on a vacation without making plans in advance? The consequences are usually disastrous. If you fail to plan ahead regarding newspaper and mail delivery, feeding your pets or watering the plants, knowing where your destination is and reserving your accommodations, your vacation is likely to be filled with […]

Military and divorce

Military divorce, is defined as a divorce where one of the parties (the “service member”) is active duty military, reserve or guard, or retired military. This is not a “legal” term that is recognized within the context of the law, but a lay term used to describe a divorce where one of the parties is […]

Divorce and finances–what you need to consider

Divorce and the financial implications it entails are among the most worrying aspects of any separation. People sometimes can not only end up losing almost everything they value, but, they could also continue to pay huge alimony for many years to come. Therefore it is important that you consider the following: 1.  If the couple […]

Financial liabilities to consider in divorce

The liabilities are things that affect both of you financially. A few things you need to consider are: 1.  Tax liabilities from any financial settlements, such as Capital Gains Tax (from selling your home) etc. 2.  Any loans or debts can become a liability if it is not clear which partner owns it. This includes […]

The key to wedded bliss? Money matters

  By TARA SIEGEL BERNARD   IF you ask married people why their marriage works, they are probably not going to say it’s because they found their financial soul mate. But if they are lucky, they have. Marrying a person who shares your attitudes about money might just be the smartest financial decision you will […]

Is Restorative Divorce right for you?

  Are you divorced and experiencing frustration, anger and stress in your interactions with your ex, and seeking increased mature communication, understanding and trust? Whether or not your ex is interested in participating in Restorative Divorce, you can learn how you alone have the power to transform the quality of the relationship. Are you in […]

Helping children understand divorce

Helping Children Understand Divorce Kim Leon State Specialist, Human Development and Family Studies Kelly Cole, Extension Associate When parents decide to divorce, they typically have been through a series of events that have led them to this decision. Whether or not children are aware of parents’ decisions depends on many things, including parents’ behaviors and […]

Rebuilding finances after divorce

Generally speaking, when it comes to women and divorce, financial preparedness is the key to an easy divorce… or at least as close to it as you can get. It may be true that men may find themselves set back, financially, after a divorce. This is why there are attorneys who specifically offer services pertaining […]