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Make smart choices for post-divorce Co-parenting uccess

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at  By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Divorce doesn’t end your co-parenting relationship with your former spouse. It only changes some of the form. It is still essential to create a working relationship focused on the optimum care and concern for your children. Every co-parenting relationship will be unique, affected […]

Divorce your spouse–not your children’s grandparents

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT When parents divorce, each member of the family is affected in very unique and personal ways. The age of the child, their gender, their relationship with their siblings, how close they were to each parent and a myriad of other factors all influence […]

Is divorce too easy?

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at   Sara and Tim, both in their 50’s, have been together for two years. Both have been previously married and divorced. When they met, they fell madly in love, which lasted for a few months. Then the conflicts started. Both Sara and Tim left their marriages because […]

Grandparents feel the hurt of divorce, too

   By Jill Curtis Anyone who has ever been involved with the breakup of a family knows that the waves of shock and pain spread far and wide. Not only are the couple deeply affected, and the children of course, but also the rest of the family and close friends. Suddenly they all feel a […]

Impact of divorce on grandparents

According to Dr. Arnold Kornhaber, co-author of Grandparents-Grandchildren: The Vital Connection, the grandparent-grandchild bond is second only in emotional importance to the bond between parents and children. For grandparents, grandchildren represent a form of symbolic immortality. So what happens when their child, the parent of their only grandchildren, gets divorced and loses visitation rights? In […]

Older divorcing adults show similar characteristics to younger peers

 Factors Influencing Adjustment to Late-Life Divorce From a study by Karen Brown Wilson and Michael R. DeShane Although the rate of divorce among older Americans has increased steadily, little attention has been paid to late life divorce. To describe the role of age and other factors which might influence adjustment to divorce in later life, […]

Grandparents: forgotten victims in divorce trauma

By Paul Majendie LONDON (Reuters Life!) – At the age of 55, Pam Wilson gave up her job as an occupational therapist to help look after her son’s baby daughter. When he broke up with his partner, she was banned from seeing her granddaughter for almost three years. Prompted by her personal nightmare to set […]

A family Christmas after divorce

 By Jeremy White from:  The popular saying goes like this: “Breaking up is hard to do.” Yet, when it comes to marriage in the U.S., a large percentage of us do it. Divorce, however unpleasant, is commonplace in today’s society, and dealing with it during the holidays is a fact of life with which adults […]

Grandparents and Divorce

from We all know couples who have broken up, but it is when our own children tell us that their family is in trouble that the pain really hits. Now that the level of divorces is so high there is wider acknowledgement of the distress this causes not only to the couple, but to […]