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Ways to overcome holiday depression during and after divorce

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Thanksgiving, Christmas – most any holiday — can bring up painful memories of happier times, especially if you are divorced and have children. But keep in mind that with the pain comes a choice. You can choose to acknowledge the past for what it was. You can value the good times […]

Make smart choices for post-divorce Co-parenting uccess

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at  By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT Divorce doesn’t end your co-parenting relationship with your former spouse. It only changes some of the form. It is still essential to create a working relationship focused on the optimum care and concern for your children. Every co-parenting relationship will be unique, affected […]

Children, divorce and summer vacation

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at Divorce. This seven letter word changes everything in your life and continues to impact your life for years after it is so-called “finalized,” especially if you have children. However, a lot of the conflicts that occur between you and your ex-spouse don’t have to get as ugly […]

How to delay divorce until the economy gets better

 Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at  By Kathryn Vercillo, The bad economy is putting a big strain on marriages. Many people want to get divorced. However, now could be the worst time to get a divorce. Not only is divorce expensive but it’s also not smart to make such an important decision during […]

Is divorce too easy?

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at   Sara and Tim, both in their 50’s, have been together for two years. Both have been previously married and divorced. When they met, they fell madly in love, which lasted for a few months. Then the conflicts started. Both Sara and Tim left their marriages because […]

More families move in together during housing crisis

 Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at Divorcing couples. While hard times can often strain marriages, the housing downturn may be curbing divorces. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers also says it’s seeing divorce rates fall. Overall, 37% of members said they see a decrease in divorce cases, according to a November report. Members […]

Crucial Characteristics of Lasting Love

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at Wonder if your new romance has what it takes to be long term? Dating experts share some top characteristics of lasting love, below. By Dee Anne Merriman First comes that split second of physical attraction. Next, that thrilling feeling of chemistry. But when the veil of romance […]

Fisher Rebuilding Divorce Recovery

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at “I FELT THAT DR. FISHER HAD BEEN HIDING IN MY HOUSE AND TAKING NOTES.” That’s an “reader from Scottsdale, Arizona,” commenting on the work of Bruce Fisher, the late therapist from Boulder, Colorado, whose divorce recovery work touched hundreds of thousands of lives. “It’s not surprising,” says […]

Parent/child communication – even more vital post-divorce

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT It’s no secret that one of the biggest challenges a parent faces after divorce is staying in good communication with your children. Obviously all parents struggle with communication issues as their children grow, but children who have had their lives dramatically altered by […]

Divorce or stay Together – a monumental challenge for parents

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT   This is a tough and controversial subject. There are no right or wrong answers, nor are there any simplistic black and white solutions. I am sharing my own perspective, based on my own life experiences. I welcome you to contribute your own perspective as long as you are respectful of […]