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On-going lessons from a life well-lived

By Clay Evans Nearly 10 years after his death, Bruce Fisher is still teaching us. Through “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” the book, the educational program and the nonprofit organization of the same name, Fisher’s work in helping people walk through and cope with divorce, the end of a relationship or loss of any kind […]

Celebrating Dr. Bruce Fisher

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at A tribute to the life and work of Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends and creator of the Fisher seminars, will be held on May 17. This event, Celebrating Dr. Bruce Fisher, coincides with the tenth anniversary of Fisher’s death. It is an […]

Launch into the future with divorce anger

The anger I experience along with my grief shows me that my life matters. I will use this energy to launch into the future.This meditation was adapted from Will Limon’s Beginning Again book. Visit Angry? Find out by taking the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at

Even though I’m divorced, I’ll always have myself

Regardless of my desire to have a lasting love relationship with someone else, I understand that there are no guarantees. However, I am certain about the love relationship I have with myself. I commit to exploring my unique individuality and to knowing the depths of my feelings. I honor that my needs and desires are […]

Lessons to be learned from loneliness

Here are two lessons to be learned from being alone. First, solitude can help me learn who I am. I can use these times to feel all there is to feel inside me with being distracted. The second lesson is that I understand my need for intimacy with other people since loneliness is really a […]

Talking with a life-line friend is an effective way to deal with divorce anger

According to Bruce Fisher, one of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with anger is to simply call a friend. All you need to say is, “I’m feeling angry toward my former spouse and need to talk.” Express to your friend how emotional you are and clue her in that you may not […]

Ask Will anything about divorce

  Will Limón, MSW is an internationally-published author.  He has been a facilitator of the Fisher Rebuilding Seminar for 20 years and a teacher of relationship skills for almost 30 years.  Send him questions about your divorce situation.  He’ll help you get insights into the divorce process and how to heal from relationship loss.  Post your […]

Healing from relationship loss

Where there’s a will, there’s a way by Will Limón, MSW As a facilitator of the Fisher Rebuilding Seminar for 20 years, I’ve learned a great deal in my own life and from the participants in my seminars.  In this column I’ll answer your questions and offer insights about the divorce process and how to […]