Children, divorce and summer vacation

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Divorce. This seven letter word changes everything in your life and continues to impact your life for years after it is so-called “finalized,” especially if you have children. However, a lot of the conflicts that occur between you and your ex-spouse don’t have to get as ugly as they sometimes do. All you have to do is change your mindset and view each interaction with your ex-spouse as an interaction with your parenting partner, then discussions, decisions and other interactions can flow much more fluidly.

Summer Vacation and Divorced Parents

Depending on your parenting plan, summer vacation can be a challenging time to schedule when the kids are with you and when they are with their other parent. Most divorced families view the summer as a particularly stressful time, because the kids are home from school and they have a lot of available time that needs to be scheduled. If you are in the middle of your divorce it may be best for the kids to spend the summer with their grandparents or at a summer camp. This will keep them out of the firing line, however, some kids find this isolation from the divorce as alienating and therefore you need to get their opinion about the situation before you make any concrete decisions about their summer.

Young Kids and Summer Vacation

If you have very young kids then it is in their best interest to spend as much time with each parent during the summer as possible. If practical, try to arrange a 50/50 schedule, so that your young children can spend a lot of quality time with each parent. If not possible, then schedule their time with each parent so that time is quality. Try to arrange vacation time from work so that it doesn’t overlap with your ex-spouse’s vacation time, this way your young children get to spend two or more weeks of vacation time with each parent, without having to go to a babysitter. During these special vacation weeks, spend time bonding with your young child and creating a new relationship with them.

Older Kids and Summer Vacation

While older kids may want to spend more of their summer vacation with their friends than with you, they still need quality time scheduled with both parents. Because older kids have the capability and desire to be an active part of the planning process for summer vacation it is a good idea to hold a family meeting that includes both parents and all the kids to determine how the summer schedule should be formatted. They can tell you what plans they all ready have and what they would like to do this summer, and you and your parenting partner can bring to the table when your vacation time is and what your schedule looks like. As a family unit, you can all work together to put together a summer vacation schedule that will work the best for all the members in your family unit.

Divorce is something that many parents have to deal with. When planning your summer vacation, try to keep in mind that you need time for yourself as well. Try to schedule in time for you to explore personal relationships

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