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Divorce your spouse–not your children’s grandparents

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT When parents divorce, each member of the family is affected in very unique and personal ways. The age of the child, their gender, their relationship with their siblings, how close they were to each parent and a myriad of other factors all influence […]

Tax consequences of divorce

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at divorce, annulment or legal separation can complicate your tax return. Take an active role in how your divorce decree is written, and understand the terms in it. The more familiar you are with the terms and agreement, the better you’ll understand the tax implications. Alimony Alimony is […]

The mortgage crisis and divorce

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at The financial pressure that comes with an escalating house payment or a foreclosure may indeed be playing a role in breaking up marriages, experts say. By Don Moore for The home-mortgage crisis in the United States has spawned problems in the mortgage, real-estate and banking industries, […]

Is divorce too easy?

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at   Sara and Tim, both in their 50’s, have been together for two years. Both have been previously married and divorced. When they met, they fell madly in love, which lasted for a few months. Then the conflicts started. Both Sara and Tim left their marriages because […]