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Child-centered divorce: It’s never too late to get it right – for your children!

Whether you got divorced several weeks ago or it’s been several years, most of us can acknowledge that we’ve made some mistakes.   Perhaps we lost our tempers at an inappropriate time and watched our children painfully internalize the experience.   Maybe we referred to our ex in a rather unflattering way only to find […]

Why do men cheat?

Why are men unfaithful? Do they stray because of sex or is cheating a sign of a deeper problem in the marriage? Is there anything that can be done to ensure that your husband will stay faithful? In his new book, “The Truth About Cheating,” family counselor M. Gary Neuman shares the results of his […]

Five costly mistakes that can sabotage a parent’s divorce settlement

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT When the emotional turmoil of divorce enters your life, it can be hard to focus on the crucial details revolving around financial issues. However, if you are not pro-active in covering your short and long-term financial needs, you can suffer the consequences for decades to come. Here are five mistakes to […]

What is true love?

True love is not only hard to find, it’s also hard to tolerate. Such an idea may seem counterintuitive, but if you ponder it long enough to really get it, it could change the way you think about love. All of us have been wounded in some way, either by early love relationships or later […]

What to tell your spouse before you tell the kids–about the divorce!

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT   Ever go on a vacation without making plans in advance? The consequences are usually disastrous. If you fail to plan ahead regarding newspaper and mail delivery, feeding your pets or watering the plants, knowing where your destination is and reserving your accommodations, your vacation is likely to be filled with […]

Military and divorce

Military divorce, is defined as a divorce where one of the parties (the “service member”) is active duty military, reserve or guard, or retired military. This is not a “legal” term that is recognized within the context of the law, but a lay term used to describe a divorce where one of the parties is […]

Divorce and finances–what you need to consider

Divorce and the financial implications it entails are among the most worrying aspects of any separation. People sometimes can not only end up losing almost everything they value, but, they could also continue to pay huge alimony for many years to come. Therefore it is important that you consider the following: 1.  If the couple […]

Bashing your ex is bad news for your children

By Rosalind Sedacca, CCT We all do it from time to time. Make a sarcastic comment about our ex, criticize something they did or didn’t do, gesture or grimace our faces when referring to our former spouse. When we do it in front of, near or within hearing distance of our children, we set ourselves […]

Financial liabilities to consider in divorce

The liabilities are things that affect both of you financially. A few things you need to consider are: 1.  Tax liabilities from any financial settlements, such as Capital Gains Tax (from selling your home) etc. 2.  Any loans or debts can become a liability if it is not clear which partner owns it. This includes […]