Is Restorative Divorce right for you?


  • Are you divorced and experiencing frustration, anger and stress in your interactions with your ex, and seeking increased mature communication, understanding and trust? Whether or not your ex is interested in participating in Restorative Divorce, you can learn how you alone have the power to transform the quality of the relationship.
  • Are you in the midst of divorce and looking to maintain quality communication, which is often adversely affected by legal proceedings? Restorative Divorce can complement the work of other professionals involved in your divorce and have a constructive influence on the entire process, making it more civil, respectful and inexpensive.
  • Are you suffering from a painful breakup and wanting closure? Restorative Divorce is applicable for all kinds of relationships, whether or not marriage and legal divorce are involved. The tools learned in Restorative Divorce are useful in every relationship in your life.

Everyone is welcome anyone regardless of race, creed, color, and/or sexual orientation. Restorative Divorce works best when entered into with an open attitude and a desire for personal growth. Even if your partner is unwilling to participate, RD can show you how to improve the communication on your own. If you alone assume personal responsibility for the state of your relationship, and employ the skills learned, you will see dramatic improvement in all of your relationships. For more information visit

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