Moment of silence for Dr. Bruce Fisher

Please join me in a moment of silence to honor Dr. Bruce Fisher, developer of the the Rebubilding When Your Relationship Ends divorce recovery method. He died ten years ago today on May 19, 1998


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    Hi There,

    My wife and I were active here in the UK back in the 1990’s, offering Bruce Fisher’s Rebuilding programme to separated and divorced people over here. In fact, in the early 1990’s, Bruce together with his son Bobby made a visit to Europe and Scandinavia, promoting the Rebuilding Course. They stayed with us in our house in Westerham, Kent and the photgraphs which we took on that occasion, still bring back very happy memories. We ran many courses here in the UK and they were highly successful. I still have a August 1998 edition of the Rebuilding book and because of it’s power in helping people to view their lives from a different perspective, I still have high regard for it and for the memory of Bruce. I operate several counselling and hypnotherapy websites and Liz and I are very active in helping people in all kinds of relationship and marriage crisis situations. I have a mind to create a link website to promote and sell the book if it is still available. Liz my wife is still a very active counsellor/Hypnotherapist whilst I have become active in creating and operating websites in my later years (74) I would be extrememly interested to know if the book is still available and I am contacting you because I am having difficulty contacting Fisher Seminars whose websites seem to be inoperative. Your help in this would be very much appreaciated,

    Warm Wishes,

    David B Johnson

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