Divorce from a teen’s point of view

In our present society, divorce has become quite acceptable. Many lives are affected every year by the splitting of a couple

Not only is a divorce difficult to the husband and wife who have concluded their marriage, but it’s also very strenuous to any children involved.

When I was 6, I experienced what it was like having parents who were going through a divorce. At such a young age, it was challenging for me to grasp what was happening. I was heartbroken, and my life changed drastically.

In my opinion, children of a divorce are negatively impacted the most out of every party involved. I believe this is especially true when the child is younger than 13. I say this because at that young of an age, children are influenced by almost everything around them, and sometimes adapting to new living situations can be hard.

In my case I had a hard time because my house was in Arvada, and after the divorce, my mom moved to Lafayette. This was a 30-minute drive, which to a 6-year-old seemed like forever.

After my mom moved, I had to switch schools, so I was then going to one in Lafayette. Until I was old enough to drive myself, my mom would have to drive me to my dad’s house so I could visit, and my dad would also drive me back. I remember that I really did not like doing this.

After a divorce, sometimes one of the parents will move to a different state; then it is even more difficult for the child to adjust. They have a new lifestyle; it is almost like they are living with a single parent. I do not think this is always best for the emotional growth of the children.

Many people may not agree with my feelings about divorce, and that’s OK. I just think that marriage is a challenge, and you can’t give up when the going gets tough.

Many other lives may be affected by the choice you make; hopefully, it’s the correct one.

Whitney Nichols is a student at Centaurus High School in Lafayette. Read more stories from the school’s newspaper at www.highschoolvoices.com.



  1. Posted January 26, 2010 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    I actually wrote this story… it was one of the very first journalism classes I had ever taken. Its interesting going back and reading this after I have been in college now for two years.

    • Jenny
      Posted March 6, 2014 at 12:13 pm | Permalink

      My parents just got divorced a little while ago and they both have a girlfriend and a boyfriend. At the end of this school year I am going to be moving to a new school for high school in 9th grade. My mom and I are going to be living with her boyfriend and his mom too. Can you tell me what it was all like for you?

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