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Grieving a divorce?

 When a person experiences the loss of someone they love, either through divorce or death, they are forced to deal with grief. When a loss occurs, most of us are unprepared for how to handle it, especially if we have never had to deal with it before. Even if we have, it is still traumatic […]

Moment of silence for Dr. Bruce Fisher

Please join me in a moment of silence to honor Dr. Bruce Fisher, developer of the the Rebubilding When Your Relationship Ends divorce recovery method. He died ten years ago today on May 19, 1998

Divorce from a teen’s point of view

In our present society, divorce has become quite acceptable. Many lives are affected every year by the splitting of a couple Not only is a divorce difficult to the husband and wife who have concluded their marriage, but it’s also very strenuous to any children involved. When I was 6, I experienced what it was […]

On-going lessons from a life well-lived

By Clay Evans Nearly 10 years after his death, Bruce Fisher is still teaching us. Through “Rebuilding: When Your Relationship Ends,” the book, the educational program and the nonprofit organization of the same name, Fisher’s work in helping people walk through and cope with divorce, the end of a relationship or loss of any kind […]

Celebrating Dr. Bruce Fisher

Take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale at A tribute to the life and work of Dr. Bruce Fisher, author of Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends and creator of the Fisher seminars, will be held on May 17. This event, Celebrating Dr. Bruce Fisher, coincides with the tenth anniversary of Fisher’s death. It is an […]

Should you get a divorce?

Make Sure You’re Ready for the Fallout By Stephanie O’Neill, Special to LifeScript       Divorce is so common in our culture that it may seem the natural solution to tough marital times. After all, only 52% of married couples in the U.S. make it to their 15th anniversary. But your divorce probably won’t […]