Storm Can’t Hurt the Sky–new book about Buddhism and divorce

A confirmed skeptic, writer Gabriel Cohen never thought he’d find himself embracing Buddhism. But when his marriage fell apart, he discovered that its insights were surprisingly relevant and useful; they offered him a positive path through anger, resentment, loss, and grief. Now, in the first book to focus on Buddhism and divorce, he provides a practical, down-to-earth guide to surviving the pain of a romantic breakup. A compulsively readable story of crisis and renewal, Storms Can’t Hurt the Sky will appeal to those of any faith who are looking to recover from their own losses.”The book features:
An engrossing personal memoir

 Wise counsel from Buddhist experts
 Interviews with others who improved their breakups
Surprising scientific information about happiness and how the mind can transform the brain
Humor, parables, and thought-provoking quotes
A step-by-step guide to improving the experience of divorce—and the quality of any relationship .

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