Single Mamahood gives great advice

So What’s a Mom To Do?
Kelly Williams’ Single Mamahood gives great advice and tips for being a single parent. She offers cases from her own life as well as the lives of friends and colleagues to illustrate her points. Among her tips are:

Keep Your Anger Under Wraps
1) Don’t argue with the father in front of the children or on the phone with the children nearby; count to ten or write it down for later if you have to

2) Don’t badmouth the children’s father in front of them, or in front of others who would repeat it to them

3) Invite the father to the children’s important events and activities

Don’t Forget the Kids
1) Assure them you won’t try to replace the children’s father with a dating partner; introduce them to any serious dating partners and give them time to get used to them before the date spends and significant time with the family. Be sure to discuss your children with the dating partner, as well as their attitudes toward your children, before they spend any significant time together

2) Let your kids keep pictures and mementoes from their relationship with their father; don’t make them choose between you and their dad

3) Assure them that the divorce and any visitation problems afterwards are not their fault, but problems for adults to deal with

4) Don’t be afraid to get counseling for you or them if needed

5) Make sure sons especially get exposure to male role models through sports, male relatives, or even other kids’ dads

Be A Good Single Mama
1) Don’t be ashamed of being a single mother; realize you are a strong person, and a powerful figure in your child’s life; you can still guide them and set them on the right path

2) Build a support network with other single parents and ask for favors, bounce ideas off them, do favors for them, and share resources

3) Remember you don’t need a man to get along

4) Watch your money, budget your time, and be proactive in your life

5) Stay in touch and on friendly terms with other adults in your children’s lives, like school teachers and nurses, and the staff at your doctor’s or dentist’s office Copied from the web.

6) And for daughters, talk to them about the things you wished your mother had talked to you about, love them, be honest and admit mistakes when they happen, and set the example for them so they know they can be strong women too


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