Five steps to dating after divorce

Step 1

Be ready emotionally.
You should be in a good place.  That means being over that ex-husband or old relationship.

Look your best.
Buy some new date outfits and makeup. Get a manicure. Have your hair done. Maybe get your teeth whitened. Lose a few pounds, if you need to. When you feel sexy and beautiful you convince the world that you are.

Create time to date.
If you’re a mom, try to set a regular child-custody schedule with your ex so you know when you’ll be free, or find a sitter or friend to help you out on a regularly planned night.

Keep a flirt journal.
It helps get you out of your shell. Plus, it’s really nice to know when you’re admired.

Commit to making dating a priority in your life.
Set a goal of meeting two new guys a month.

Step 2

Ask friends and family to set you up.
This is no time to be shy — you want some dates! So tell everyone. And follow up: Sometimes folks need a little nudge to get a fix-up in motion.

Find other girlfriends to go out with.
Note: You’ll want to limit that group to three pals — a large pack of women can be intimidating to guys.

Step 3

Do social stuff you like.
Volunteer for a cause. Take a cooking class. Check out wine tastings, charity benefits, spelunking treks — whatever interests you and gets you socializing. And if you’re meeting a friend at a bar, arrive a half hour early to mingle; you’ll be less self-conscious if you know your friend is on the way.

Go online.
Approximately 40 million Americans visit dating sites each month, so why not you? Many sites offer tips on how to write a good profile.

Transition from mommy mode to date mode.
Take a bath. Put on some nice music. Have some wine.  Tell yourself you look great.
Step 4

Expect bumps along the road.
Guys will fade in and out or stop calling for no reason. He could have stuff going on that has nothing to do with you.

Date more than one man at a time until one becomes a clear winner.

Enlist your friends as wingwomen.
No one’s saying you have to relive high school, but just like back then, sometimes a simple “My friend thinks you’re cute” works wonders.

Step 5

Have fun.
Just enjoy meeting people. You’ll take the pressure off yourself, and men will be attracted to your positive energy.

Discover the surprising benefits of dating.
You’ll learn what you like and don’t like in men — and you’ll learn more about yourself.



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