Looking for a divorce attorney?

When you look for an attorney, you’ll want someone who: will see to his or her client’s best interests, is at least moderately compassionate, is dependable and efficient, won’t run up your tab unnecessarily through endless debates with the Respondent’s attorney. Attorneys either charge a flat fee, which is somewhat unusual, or charge an hourly rate, and they will bill you for every function they perform. If they breathe in the direction of your file, it will cost you. Most charge in 15 minute increments, even if the activity took only three minutes of their time. That “quick little call” you make to check on something could cost you from $40 on up, depending on their hourly fee. There’s also a matter of chemistry. A reasonable level of comfort and trust in your lawyer will go a long way toward easing the process for you. In fact, if you don’t feel comfortable with an attorney after the first phone call or office visit, by all means keep looking. It’s essential that you feel at ease with the driver of this legal divorce chariot. The most satisfactory way to find a good attorney is still word-of-mouth. Ask friends, relatives, your mediator, counselor/therapist, clergy, doctor, colleagues, or anybody else you can think of if they know any good divorce lawyers. Listen to those who have been through the process with an attorney they trust. If they can’t offer names, but know someone who was satisfied with their lawyer, get that person’s name as well as the lawyer’s, so you can talk to the satisfied client. Failing that, check your Yellow Pages for the number of your local bar association’s Help Line. Tell them you’re looking for an attorney who is experienced in divorce cases, and request the names of at least six attorneys. Then you need to contact and interview them until you find the right one. Excerpted from Your Pocket Divorce Guide by Linda C. Senn 

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