Key ingredients to becoming a positive parent after divorce

By Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D.

Learn to manage your own emotions

• Learn to share your children with your ex-spouse

• Listen to and communicate with your children

• Recognize your child’s special development needs

• Develop empathy for your children and their feelings

• Separate your needs, feelings, and wishes from your child’s

• Let go of your own anger and hurt feelings so that your

“couple’s conflicts” don’t contaminate your parenting

• Adjust your expectations and parenting style based on the

personality traits of your ex-spouse

• Model good self-esteem, healthy expression of emotions,

positive conflict skills, and healthy parent boundaries

• Learn to use outside resources to help you avoid getting

overwhelmed with the task of parenting after divorce


From Interview Ideas for “Parenting After Divorce: Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s Needs


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    I think this is a VERY important topic. The ammount of children negatively affected by divorce is staggering and most of it is due to the massive ammounts of negativity they are exposed to. I work for, it is an online community for women transitioning through the various stages of divorce, and life thereafter. Our members and experts are very involved in this topic because of it’s importance. If you’re interested in more tips or information on this topic, please visit
    Just my two cents
    Ann Marie

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