Monthly Archives: February 2008

Even though I’m divorced, I’ll always have myself

Regardless of my desire to have a lasting love relationship with someone else, I understand that there are no guarantees. However, I am certain about the love relationship I have with myself. I commit to exploring my unique individuality and to knowing the depths of my feelings. I honor that my needs and desires are […]

Lessons to be learned from loneliness

Here are two lessons to be learned from being alone. First, solitude can help me learn who I am. I can use these times to feel all there is to feel inside me with being distracted. The second lesson is that I understand my need for intimacy with other people since loneliness is really a […]

Talking with a life-line friend is an effective way to deal with divorce anger

According to Bruce Fisher, one of the easiest and most effective ways to deal with anger is to simply call a friend. All you need to say is, “I’m feeling angry toward my former spouse and need to talk.” Express to your friend how emotional you are and clue her in that you may not […]

Why men resist grief after divorce

In the past 30 years, taboos have relaxed about what is acceptable for a woman to express about her inner life. Not so with men. Men have resisted their grief because it has made them feel fragile, unstable, and out of control. They have feared that their symptoms were pathological, when, indeed, they are to […]

Men and divorce – can you answer these five questions?

 By Christoph Hickory I can sit here spitting out statistics and try to convince you with facts about the status of divorce in the United States, but that won’t get down to the root of the problem. Many couples will try their best to stay together, especially if there are kids involved, but they soon […]

Grief and divorce

 By Sherry Russell A rabid animal will inject teeth marks on everything in its path except itself. Unfortunately, divorce seems to infect one spouse or both with the rabies. This aggressive behavior hurts other people including those not in the direct path of the fury. The open ferociousness further damages an already broken relationship. Some […]

How to make the most of your first visit with a divorce attorney

Before you begin asking your questions about legal fees, child support, hidden assets or divorce mediation, you’ll naturally spend the first few minutes in the lawyer’s office in conversational pleasantries to break the ice. Just remember – one way or the other, the meter is running. Either you’re paying for this time, or there’s a […]

Reinvent yourself after divorce

Through the divorce experience you’ve probably learned more about yourself than you’ve ever imaged possible. Life’s challenges, changes, and difficulties brings growth and a depth of self awareness that may not have been evident before. Reinvent the possibilities of what you can do and become now that you’ve made the discovery. Visit to take the […]

Personal growth after divorce

This is the time to work on yourself and personal growth and stabilizing your life. The grief you feel is real – is normal and is a process that will eventually help – yes, help – your heart to heal. It’s ok to give yourself time to work through this. You don’t have to crumble […]

Predicting the seven year itch

New Study Looks at Predicting the Rate of Change in Marital Quality During the First 10 Years of Marriage Husbands and Wives Living With Only Their Biological Children Showed a Steeper Decline in Marital Quality than Those Living Without Children or Stepchildren Washington – The first 10 years of marriage has its ups and downs, […]