Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends: A reader’s perspective

By Inga Holmquist 

A friend lent me this book when my husband left me and I was in the depths of dispair. I was reading anything I could find to try and help me understand, but this is the one book that really helped. I latched onto it like a life-preserver to a drowning person. I have read each chapter several times now, and keep getting more out of it as I progress in my healing. I returned my friend’s copy and bought my own (which I have now in turn lent to a friend in need.)

One of the revelations I found comforting was simply to know what the physical symptoms of grief are – that my sore throat, my aching chest and my dry mouth were all manifestations of my emotional trauma.

This book felt like I was talking to a friend who had been there and back, and could take me by the hand through the healing process and help me find my way back to joy. Please read it if you are hurting from the loss of a relationship – it will comfort you a great deal and help you move forward constructively. Then lend it to someone you know who could be helped by it.



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  1. Rob
    Posted May 4, 2009 at 8:45 am | Permalink

    I recommend this book to everyone – even married people. It’s important because it uncovers issues that a married couple might be facing. I understand that Fisher has another book out called “Loving Choices” which may be more applicable, but this book is GREAT. I’ve latched onto it as well and in the space of a weekend brought me out of despair into understanding.

    I won’t be lending this book to anyone. If a friend of mine needs it, I’ll buy it for them. That’s how good it is.

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