How to counteract loneliness after divorce

Let’s face it, divorce often leads to loneliness. One way of dealing with lonliness is joining a group of people in a similar situation. These groups can help in many ways including helping people understand the feelings they’re currently experiencing. Groups also provide a built-in antidote to isolation.

Whether you choose to join an organized support group, or individual therapy, do further reading, or rely on your own network of family and friends, the best advice you can receive is to accept your situation, deal with your feelings, and build a stronger you. If your support group tends to place blame on the other party or encourage your self-pity, do yourself a favor and find another group. Their advice, while it may be tempting to accept, will retard your progress and will not help you move on with your life.

Check out to find  a Rebuilding When Your Relationship Ends group. Based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Bruce Fisher, Rebuilding seminars provide help and understanding in a group setting. While at this web site, take the Fisher Divorce Adjustment Scale to see how well you’re coping with your lonely feelings.


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