Beyond divorce – New Year’s resolutions for life After divorce

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Divorce brings new fears, feelings and frets. As the new year approaches, don’t let it pass you by. New Year’s resolutions are famous this time of year, so why not focus on making the most of this time of year and choose a worthwhile resolution.

While losing weight and making more money are typical, why not go for something a little different.

How about something more productive both for you and your children, such as:

1. Letting go of your anger toward your ex-spouse so that you can move forward boldly into this new year rather than still cling to the hurts of the past?

2. Plan to begin dating again this year. The goal here should not be to get married again, but just to get out of the house and meet interesting people

3. If you’re engaged to remarry, why not use this next year to complete your step family preparation. Give yourselves the gift of time so that you’re both sure this is the next step in your relationship and that you’re ready.

4. If you’ve recently remarried, resolve to learn ways to nourish your marriage and develop better relationships with your step children. Don’t just accept that you won’t ever be close to your new step kids or take this new marriage for granted. Take time NOW to learn how to strengthen all of those relationships.

Where ever you are in the divorce to remarriage life span, make this year a year to move forward and not remain stuck in the past! Now is the time to act. Create the remarriage and step family of your dreams today.

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