Children can split the Christmas holidays after divorce

If you celebrate Christmas, it can be a difficult holiday to share. You and your ex each want to spend time with the children, and they’re torn about where to spend the day. Try to remember what is best for your child. Christmas should be a magical day for a child and family tension and disagreements can spoil that.

If geographically possible, let the child spend time with each parent. Or, consider celebrating Christmas with your child on another day during that week. Or, try to split the holiday between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day: trade-off having your child on Christmas Day with agreeing to let her sleep at her dad’s Christmas Eve and wake up in his house on Christmas morning. So, you can give up the opportunity to leave milk and cookies out for Santa (as well as being woken up very early Christmas morning) in exchange for having her from 11 am on. As difficult as this might initially feel, it can be a fair division and allow your child to share this important holiday with both sides of her extended family.

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