Financial strains of divorce

Divorce can put a strain on one’s financial stability. For one, divorce attorneys may charge very significant prices to help during a time of divorce. Yet, after the divorce there are many other financial impacts. Women usually suffer the greatest when getting full custody of children. Many times during a divorce, the primary income maker is taken out of the family, leaving just the mother and children. This prevents the mother from having the ability to work a full time job, for she must also take care of her children.

On top of this, women have a lower earning potential in many countries, causing a great financial strain. Though many times a welfare system gives money to single mothers, it is usually not enough to properly raise children. In these cases, men are required to pay child support to aide the mother in having the financial ability to raise the children alone. This also puts a financial strain on the men’s side of divorce. The requirement to pay child support payments may take a large chunk out of a man’s paycheck, leaving him with less money than he is supposed to earn. This makes it hard for a man to remarry after divorce, for his child support payments must come before financially stabilizing his new family. A prenuptial agreement or a contract agreed on by both parties, helps limit the financial strains on a family after a divorce.


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