Moving forward after divorce

Divorce is a process that doesn’t stop with the final court decree. You have ended one phase of your life, but now you have an opportunity to enter one of your choosing. We agree with Dr. Bruce Fisher, a Colorado divorce therapist, that you can turn stumbling blocks like fear, loneliness and denial into rebuilding blocks that will give you the freedom to be yourself as a single person or in another love relationship. Just as you managed your divorce by educating yourself and being pro-active, manage your transition post divorce.

Essential Things To Do:

  1. Look both for closure and new beginnings in your transition.
  2. Realize you’ll have your ups and downs.
  3. Don’t pretend you’re doing fine when you’re not. Resolve your feelings and keep moving forward.
  4. Give yourself time to heal and grow before committing to another relationship.
  5. Keep yourself busy socially and intellectually.
  6. Maintain and update a file containing documents, receipts and other information related to your divorce.



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