Divorcing? Tips for getting through the holidays


If you’re newly separated from a loved one or already divorced, the approaching holiday season may be filling you with dread. Here are few ideas to help you cope with your new-found singleness when everyone else seems to be in a relationship.  


Change it up. Why not try something different this year? Consider celebrating at a friend’s home. Don’t be afraid to ask for an invitation. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the welcoming response you’ll get.

Express yourself. Write, draw, photograph, play music or sing. Share the fruits of your creativity with others.

Plan a trip. Get away for a few days. A change of scene might be just what you need. Invite a friend to join you or go alone.

Take time for yourself. It’s ok to say no to some events and activities. Find respite in your solitude and then feel fortified for your social time.

Relive happy memories. Choose a few special memories of holidays past and think of them when you’re feeling down. Make an appointment with yourself to look at old photos. Spend some time with them and remember how you felt when the photos were taken. Then, put them away until the next time you need such an appointment.

Remember your family and especially children.  Ask a friend to help bake, shop and decorate if doing it all yourself seems overwhelming.

Be a giver. Contact your favorite non-profit and find out how you can contribute—either by service or other donation. Giving makes you feel good.

Get moving. Take a walk, go to the gym, run around the block or throw snowballs. Just do something, anything, to get your blood pumping.

Be a part of something larger than yourself. Consider exploring or strengthening your spirituality.

Above all, be grateful. Take a look around and appreciate what you have right now in your life to be thankful for. Make a list and keep adding to it.







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