Finding good sources of divorce information.

One of the things that we have found over the years is the need for those going through a Divorce to find clear, solid information to help with topics relating to legal, financial, and child custody issues.  Naturally, there are many other area of infomation that are of deep concern and need, but these two seem to be the first areas of concern for those going through a Divorce. 

Our seminars, programs, and audio and video material are oriented toward healing your Heart, but enough of you have asked us to at least guide you in some direction as you have indicated that you often feel floating and unquided.

Our goal here at this DivoreSource blog, and our Divorce Seminar Center , is to uncover the best information available, and to keep information that up to date.   Any sources that we mention here, we will be contacting ourselves so that you can feel comfortable calling these sources directly and knowing that they are a reliable and secure sources of information.  In some cases we will have some of them write specific articles of interest to help you with specific questions, so, please add your comments and always feel free to write, via the comments to these blog posts, questions that you have and we will attempt to get them answered – especially if those questions are of interest to a larger audience.


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